A Note from SRC Logistics General Manager Vaughn Henson

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From SRC Logistics Latest Newsletter, September 2018 Issue:

Did you know there are 12 industries that remanufacture products? Before I joined SRC, I wouldn’t have given any thought to how diverse remanufacturing is.

I’ve listed 11 of the 12 industries and challenge you to think of the remaining one. It’s a category that impacts all of us and is extremely popular. In fact, millions of this product are remanufactured each year.

Consumer Products

Medical Equipment

Electrical Equipment






Restaurant Equipment

Heavy Duty Equipment

IT Equipment

The point is, remanufactured products are part of industrial society and are an important part of conserving resources and delivering value to consumers. And…it all started with what we do at Logistics. It all starts with core! You have to get the used products back in order to remanufacture them. So, be proud of the part you play in the reman process and of the many benefits you help bring!

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Danielle Kothe